October 2014: Spinomix Granted New US Patents for its MagPhase Core Technology

  • Automated sample preparation platform based on magnetic beads and microfluidics
  • Robust and highly flexible automation brought to every laboratory bench
  • Offers new avenues in assay processing for life science research and diagnostics
  • Company in discussions with commercial partners and in process of raising new funds

Lausanne, Switzerland – October 15, 2014 – Spinomix SA a Swiss technology platform company providing innovative sample processing solutions to the life sciences sector, today announced the issuance of two US Patents number US 8,585,279 and US 8,870,446 relating to the manipulation and mixing of magnetic particles in microfluidics environments.

Spinomix’s proprietary technology MagPhaseTM has also been granted protection in China and Japan and is in its final granting stages in Europe. These highly strategic patents raise the company’s MagPhaseTM US granted patent portfolio to three patents; three others are still pending approval.

“This new patent grant is of great strategic importance for Spinomix since it confirms the originality of our method and its capability of leveraging the great applications possible with magnetic beads based assays and their easy automation using microfluidic based systems,” said Amar Rida, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Spinomix. “Our company is continuously committed to innovation in order to provide the marketplace with novel solutions capable of shortening the path between sample collection and results analysis.”

Although magnetic beads technology has been around since the mid 1970s, the uniqueness of the company’s MagPhaseTM technology is in the innovative way of homogenously handling these beads in connection with fluids handling in microfluidics based systems, thus enhancing bioassays efficiency and opening new fields for sample processing automation. The company’s goal with MagPhaseTM is to bring affordable and flexible automation to every laboratory bench. The technology is being developed for life science research as well as applications which are critical for treatment decisions such as circulation tumour nucleic acids for cancer diagnosis or cell isolation in regenerative medicine.

“Our vision is to expand our microfluidics cartridges to all of the currently available applications of magnetic beads such as protein purification, cell isolation and others. We are already applying our technology to nucleic acid purification, a market estimated to be well over one billion dollars,” said Spinomix Chief Executive Officer Nasri Nahas. “Spinomix is well on its way to becoming a sustainable business, supported by discussions with major market players to bring our products to market.”